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"How We Installed A '70 Nova Suspension Clip In A '50 Mercuy"

If you’ve been driving a vintage Mercury for a while, you might have considered updating to a more modern Independent Front Suspension for its advantages. By this, I’m talking about better ride characteristics, better steering (power verses manual), better brakes (disc verses drums), the addition of an anti-sway bar and the list goes on. Besides all of the advantages, the parts are easier to come by.

When the car came to us, it had a Mustang II suspension clip that was installed poorly. Beside this, the new clip comes from a vehicle that comes clooser the matching the weight of the Mercury than the Mustang did.

Follow along as we show you how we install 1970 Nova / Camaro front steer suspension clips into vintage 1949-51 Mercurys.

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