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"How We Make Exhaust Headers & Tail Pipes"

The car that we will be working on today is “Hot-Rod” Dorman’s 1940 Ford convertible. It’s sporting a 400ci. Olds. mill. Rod is more interested in the performance and looks of his exhaust system than he was in using a stock set of manifolds and building around them. With this in mind, we set out to make our own headers and tail pipes using U-bends.

A U-bend system offers you an unrestricted (no kinks in the bends) free flowing exhaust system. It also allows you to have a more tailored / tight system as you don’t need to have any straight pipe between the bends (a little more than twice the diameter of the pipe is needed for the tube bender dies). You can also have a twisting bend as well. This is impossible to obtain any other way.

FYI: Exhaust headers don’t have to have equal length tubes for a street or slightly warmed over engine. Also, the longer and or smaller the I.D. of the pipes are, the better the torque curve will be. The shorter and or larger the I.D. of the pipes are is mainly for horse power. This holds true for the tail pipes as well.

Follow along as we show you how we went about making Rod Dorman's trick exhaust system.

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