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"Warren, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work on my Firebird. The car has wildly exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is top notch and quite frankly amazing. You transformed a nightmare into a dream and one I will cherish for a lifetime. It truly became an enjoyable project once you got involved. Thanks again and please put me back on your waiting list!...Greg"

"Warren has worked on 5 build projects now for me and I cannot say enough of how satisfied I have been. Warren cares as much about the quality of the finished product as you do and that is not something I can't say about others who I have come across in this line of business. My experience has been that others look at it as a job, but Warren looks at it as a passion for a project well done. My projects are cars that I can truly be proud of. I would recommend Precision Street Rods and Machines to those who truly are looking for the best of the best!"

Greg Lampert

“The level of expertise at Precision Street Rods & Machines is first class. Having been a customer for many many years, I am consistently impressed by the shops quality and the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. This is what keeps bringing me back!”

Jeff Wasserman

"Those close to both Warren and myself have said that the sometimes tumultuous union of our two twisted minds have created what the record shows may be some of the greatest car projects of our genre. Warren's commitment to detail and his innate talent makes him in my humble opinion, one of the best car builders on the planet. If you want cheap, fast and marginal, find another shop. If you want outstanding, you've come to the right place!"

Tom Lawson

"Warren, I was going to write this when you finished the work on my '53 Chevy truck; then again when you finished my '57 Nomad; and now it's about time as you are half way through the project with my '60 El Camino. No matter how "extreme" or how "driver" the goal is set to be, you just hit it out of the park every time, and with every detail. My friends have been concerned how specifically detailed I am when it comes to the car projects that I get involved with, but you set the bar entirely at a different altitude. No detail is missed and every single area of the build is completed to the highest level, and true to the project goal. It seems that no area is a challenge that you have not solved multiple times before, bringing an experience to the ongoing discussions and decisions so that I have never doubted the outcome. This, I know from past experiences with other builders. This has saved an enormous amount of time and money which the other builders use as "tuition". None needed here! No short cuts are ever considered, much less taken, from incredible welding skills to custom tooled parts. All this detail results in truly award winning cars. My '53 Truck and the "57 Nomad are a testament to that, and each were built to a different goal.

Thanks for your personal commitment to my fun with these projects and to my complete happiness with the results. I think the only person more invested than I have been in the excitement and satisfaction of the delivery day is you. I guess I must be committed as we are on #3. I'll be anxious to work through the build of the El Camino with you and then having the fun of driving it".

Gene Elling

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Precision Street Rods & Machines was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received towards my three projects/builds was always stellar. Warren, keep up the good work!”

Neil Burns

"Warren, I have always tried to buy cars that were finished and correct (no plastic cars). No matter what I have purchased, dealing with you non-stop for the last 25-plus years you have been able to make each one more perfect, adding true value to the car. You have always performed on a timely basis, doing what I have requested (or better yet, what you felt was necessary to make the cars more enjoyable). You have always stood behind your work. I would love to do yet another project. However, for the moment, I have temporarily run out of space. The only car I desire is an unmolested pre-1950 Fiat Topolino . If you run across one down the road, let me know. If the right amount of cash is offered, my 1940 Ford coupe could be for sale. In the mean time I will enjoy what I have. My best to you and your beautiful wife".

Page Jenkins

Warren, I just viewed your recent web site. Impressive! Everyone knows your work is unmistakenly “The Best in the West” and I wouldn't doubt, world wide. Oh yes, I can be misconstrued for having a biased opinion. Oh well, the truth is in the completed work of the genius that you are. What's next on your list? Are you able to take on our newly purchased '57 Chevy?

Edwina & Gerald Hunter